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When will you publish "Panda & Friends on Adventures"?

Panda & Friends on Adventure is the upcoming comic I'm working on right now, and it currently doesn't have a release date. 

What do you use to draw on?

I use an IPad, an Apple Pen and ProCreate.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Real life experiences, friends, other artist, comics, movies, tv-shows, anime, tiktok, you name it. I also do challenges that help sometimes.

What is ko-fi and how does it work?

Ko-fi is a platform that I find easy to use both for me and a potential fan to give me support.

If I pledge to you on Patreon, what then?

It depends on which Tire you chose. Currently it is only one Tire, which has the lowest amount of money you can give, which is 3 USD (american dollars). By pledging you will get access to content you will not get anywhere else from behind the scenes and how I draw my pages of my comic, "Panda & Friends on Adventure". At a later time you may be able to choose a different Tire with a higher amount of money to pledge with, where you will receive merchendices, like stickers, posters or t-shirts from my comics. This is not an option just yet because I want to publish my comic frist and get a little more of a fanbase.

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