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Title: Worst Fears
Genre: Comedy
Release date: 28.aug.20
Last updated: 11.aug.22

Status: Ongoing

It started out as a trend on TikTok, where I was challenged to draw my worst fear, only I couldn't decide what to draw. I also found out that I'm appearently scared of a lot of things and couldn't fit it all in one picture, so I ended up with a comics series instead. I hope my fears make you laugh!


Title: Short Stories
Genre: Anything
Release date: 2018
Last updated: July 2020
Status: Ongoing

These are short stories, usually one page long and have nothing to do with each other or the other comics listed. Here I experiment with different genres, so some pages may not be suited for all ages.


Title: Panda & Friends on Adventures
Genre: Comedy
Release date: 23.mar.21

Last updated: 01.jan.22
Status: Ongoing

Panda needs help from her friends, Yin & Yang, to get out of the house, so they are trying to take her with them on an adventure. Meanwhile, her long awaited prince charming and his horse are trying to find her. But is everything going to go according to plan?


Title: Panda & Co. Bjerkely Folkehøyskole Edition
Genre: Comedy
Release date: 2018
Status: Completed

When I went to my 2nd year in Bjerkely Folk High School in Norway, we had an assignment where we were supposed to create a comics, so I used the opportunity to create a series with some of the characters I had already worked on in High School, Panda & Friends. I was still not sure what kind of style I wanted, if I wanted it in color or black/white, what textures to use etc. So this is what I ended up with back in 2012/2013.


Title: Deusterra - The Land of The Gods
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
Release date: N/A
Status: Work in progress


The story follows Zaniel, a 15 year old boy who's looking to find out who his father is in the land of the Gods, Deusterra.

Click on the picture to view some of my progress so far.


Title: Panda & Friends - The early years
Genre: Comedy
Release date: 2018
Status: Completed

At first I just wanted to draw some cute characters, which turned into Yin & Yang today, then I started to draw myself as a panda and all the adventures I had with my friends in High School. Eventually Panda turned into her own character and went on her own adventures, which is what the "Panda & Friends on Adventures" is going to be.

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