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Zaniel and Dexter enters the city of Castemonia, the capitol of Deusterra. A strange and disturbed character, named Kek, greets them and offers to show them the way to the castle. Dexter doesn't trust him, but Zaniel thinks they need his help so they let Kek show them the way.

In the Castle, theres a woman who just arrived and an old character, named Jahi, is greeting her. The woman's name is Jendayi, and Jahi is very polite and friendly with her, telling her to treat the castle like her new home.

As they walk along a long corridor, theres a very dusty table and a Picture of the royal Family. Jendayi asks about all the dust, and Jahi informes her about the lack of time and servents these days. He also implise the kings mood hasn't been very good lately, but that he thinks he's having a good day today.

Jenayi meets the king for the first time in his Chambers With Jahi at her side. The king is covered in golden cloths, even a golden mask. No one is to see the king without him being covered or them being blindfolded. The king wants Jendayi to take her cloths off, and she does as the king comands. When he's satisfied, they leave.

We go back to Zaniel, he's with Albi trying to get a job in the Castle. Zaniel gets rejected, and returns to Dexter again. The both didn't have any luck finding a job, now they want to find a place to stay for the night. Kek apears, they forgot to give him money for showing him the way to the castle. Dexter doesn't want Kek's help and gives him the money so he'll go away. Zaniel wants Dexter to be nice to him, maybe they'll need his help later.

Dexter is out in a bar, he's looking for information about getting a job. He talks to two men, there he finds out more about the king and there not being any jobs because of the war.

Zaniel is in his room in the in, and a strange character apear, saying "we knows". The stranger is Kek, and he says he knows who Zaniel really is. Kek says he was told by his master to meet Zaniel at the gate as he arrived to the capitol. He's master is Mortem, the God of Death. 

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