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The Hearing

Zaniel talks to Kek again, he wants to know more about Mortem and Kek's ability to see when people are going to die. Kek tells about himself, when he was born and even about his family. Kek also implies that Mortem wants to talk to Zaniel, Zaniel just needs to listen. Zaniel's scar starts to hurt, but he seems to be fine. What is Kek talking about?

Jendayi enters the castle dinner room where the king and Jahi are waiting at a long dinner table. Kohn calls her Alexis again. Jahi is worried.

Jendayi and Jahi are in the tea room together again. They talk about what just happend and about Alexis. Jahi wants Jendayi to keep playing along with the kings halusinations, the kingdom needs an heir to the throne.

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