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The Necklace

Zaniel and Dexter are outside the in, Dexter was worried because Zaniel didn't return until late last night. Zaniel was working with Albi. Suddently, the girl Kek said was going to die, cuts herself with her knife, just like Kek said she would. Dexter still deosn't believe in Kek.

We're in the castle with Jendayi and the king. He calls her Alexis. Jendayi doesn't understand. The king is so happy to see her, he runs to her, hugging her. He realizes she's not Alexis, and tells her to just put her blindfold on.

Amber is with Zero again. Dhaki goes to talk to her when Zero leaves. Dhaki has the necklace ready for her. He helps her put it on. Dhaki tells Amber about the stones and what they really are. Only the royal family really knew how they worked, and they're all dead. You need to be choosen by the Gods to have a right to the throne, and many don't think the king has a right to the throne becasue he was only married to the queen. Amber doesn't know all that much about Deusterra, but all she really thinks about is Zero. Amber and Dhaki has a fight about Zero, and they end the convesation on bad terms.

Zaniel, Dexter and Albi are in the throne room together. We get to know them a little, then we get to see Zaniel's scar for the first time. Zaniel was stabbed with a sword by a foreign soldier when he was a kid, almost hit his heart. Albi thinks it looks like it went streight through, but Dexter says that it's not possible.

Amber is with her dad, and they talk about the fight she had with Dhaki. Her dad wants her to apologize to him.


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