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Royal Stones

We meet new characters. First we meet Zero and Dhaki, and their waiting for Flarious and Amber's carriage. When they arrive, Amber wishes to see the city of Palos, one of the most furthest away city from the capitol. Her father, Flarious, wants her to go with Dhaki, because he knows the city and is even from Deusterra. Amber really wanted to go with Zero, so she changed her mind.

Zero helps Amber move somehing, then when Zero leaves, Dhaki wants to talk to her. It appears that they used ot play together as kids, and Amber even recocnizes him now. They decide to go to see the city together after all.

Their at the markets place, that's when they see Adoxos with his beautiful jewles and stones. Amber loves them, Adoxos tells her they're royal stones. Dhaki doesn't believe him, they're not legal to sell and only kings and queens of Deusterra are supposed to have them. Amber doesn't care if they're fake, she wants them.

They talk about making the stones into a necklace.

Zaniel in at the markets place, where the girl used to be, but she's not there. He asks her mother, and that's when the girl apears again. Zaniel goes back to Dexter and tells him what Kek told him the other day. Dexter doesn't believe in the Gods or that anything magical exists. He thinks Kek is doing stuff like this for a living, and that Zaniel should stop talking to him. It's not good for him.

They're at the castle with Albi, he has a job for them both. He sends Dexter to the stables, but with Zaniel he wants him to clean the throne room. Alone. In one day. Zaniel starts to clean, though he doesn't know how he's going to be able to do this.

Jahi walks by as Zaniel cleans the floor. Zaniel wants to talk to him, but he can't get out a full sentence before Albi's back. Albi stops them, and Jahi leaves. Albi isn't too pleased about Zaniel talking to Jahi about how Albi's doing things. Albi ends up helping Zaniel cleaning the throne room, revealing that it was his plan all along to make Zaniel fail. Albi wanted to prove that Zaniel was still just a kid. Zaniel tells Albi the reason he's in the capitol is because he's trying to find his father.

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