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The Dress

Zaniel talks to Kek outside the in, where Kek tells him he can tell when people are going to die. They see a girl on the other side of the street, she's cutting vetables at a stand in the market. Kek says she's going to cut herself with her knife, get a fiver and die. He knows this because Mortem, the God of Death told him.

The king and Jendayi is meeting again in the kings chambers. She's wearing a dress a whore would normally wear, but the king is not pleased. He wants her to wear a royal dress, fit for a queen.

Jendayi is in a tea room with Jahi, she's still wearing the dress. She's been instruckted to keep wearing the queens dress. She also doesn't mind, saying it makes her feel like a princess. Jahi is worried, telling her to speak to him imidietly if something were to happen. That's when Albi enters the room, something happend to the king and Jahi is needed.

Jendayi wants to know what's going on, she meets Jahi outside of the kings chambers. Jahi says he has everything under control, and wants Jendayi to take the day off. He doesn't want her to see the king anymore for today, and sends her off to the market.

Jendayi is off to the market and overhears two men talking about the king. They don't like him or his whore, and that's when she trips and falls. One of the men, recognizes her and people are starting to gather around her. Zaniel and Dexter sees all the people gathering, they sercue her and take her back to the castle.

The king, Jahi, Jendayi, Albi, Dexter and Zaniel are all in the throne room together. The king wants the men who hurt Jendayi to be given a deathsentence. Jahi urges the king to give Zaniel and Dexter a reward, and they tell him they would like to work in the castle. Albi doesn't trust them. Jahi thinks it's a great idea, and even wants Albi to be the one to look after them. The king comands it, and it is done.

Zaniel and Dexter are outside the in again, it's dark from the night. Zaniel can't believe they had the chance to talk to the king and didn't get to say anything. Dexter says they will try again later. They see Kek, he's smiling.

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