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Name: Bella

Birthday: 15.may 2019

Gender: Female

Race: Housecat / mixed

Indoor/outdoor: Both

Castrated: Yes

Chipped: Yes

Bella, also known as "The Princess on the Pea", is a very kind and loving kitty. She's also a coward who likes to hide behind her mommy (me)! She hates visitors and loude noises, but worst case scenario she just hides or keep her distance. This little princess gets high quality food, a big yard to play in and a castle to sleep in. In other words, she's a spoiled little kitty!

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02.jun: 3rd in Norway, 1st in Vestland

12.jun: 8th in Norway, 1st in Vestland

24.jul: 1st in Norway, 1st in Vestland

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